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1 – Protecting  your Business/Company Name:

One great advantage of having your company registered with the corporate affairs commission is to ensure your Business/Company name is not registered by someone else. You should always have it in mind that if your company name is Cityconsults and someone else has already registered City Consults you can’t register it anymore unless you add some additional names to it, which in most cases you wont be comfortable with. So always strive to register your company name before someone else takes  it from you.

2- Certificate of Incorporation

Upon registration of your Business/Company Name, You will be issued certificate of incorporation by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

3 -Reputation With Customers

Building reputation from customers and prospective  clients  is very tasking. Registering your business gives your company credibility and boosts customer confidence.For  online businesses with no physical office structure, this will definitely Increase Sales and Customer engagement.

4-Corporate Bank Account Opening with  Your Company Name

Great benefit of registering your company name is to open corporate account with  your company name. Having corporate Bank account gives your Business  more credibility and trust from your customers, bank,and other business partners.

5-Legal Liability Protection

Businesses registered  as Limited Liability Company, is  a different entity from the owners. You can  get legal liability protection. If you incorporate, you will not be held personally responsible for certain company issues.

for instance in the case of loan defaults , your bank will not confiscate  your property except the company asset because you are protected from such occurrence.

6-Accessing Loans

When your company is registered, accessing loan becomes very easy . This gives credibility and trust and also ensures confidence and your investors or lenders will see that they are dealing with a reputable  company.

There are other important  reasons why Business/Company Names   should be registered but that will be updated  on  our next post.

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